Shanklin Offers Large LED for Baltimore Arts

BALTIMORE – Shanklin Media unveiled its new 52’ x 42’ Formetco LED billboard here at the opening of Artscape 2014 on July 18.

The new LED billboard in Baltimore's Arts District will offer free space for local artists as well as ad messages. (Photo courtesy Formetco)Located across from Penn Station in Baltimore, the display is sure to become an iconic landmark of the city. Hundreds of thousands of attendees witnessed this massive arts billboard showcase the works of illustrators, sculptors, graphic designers, animators, and other creative independents freely throughout the three-day festival.

Spectators were able to interact with the screen via social media outlets, by uploading photos and submitting tweets from their mobile phones. The premiere of this new billboard immediately generated a media buzz by taking this unique approach of fully engaging the public.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings made a point to personally recognize this addition to the city as a beacon to the creative soul of the city.

After the arts festival, Shanklin Media committed to donate slots at 30-second intervals that will continue to bring free exposure to independent artists, and provide an opportunity that otherwise might never be afforded them.

An LED screen like this that draws such attention must deliver faithfully on image clarity, color, and continuous performance without fail.

“We have been exploring this unique opportunity for nearly eight years now,” says Will Shanklin of Shanklin Media. “We’ve had the entire local arts community and the City of Baltimore backing us.

“We selected Formetco as our LED billboard supplier, because of their reputation to deliver on this type of project. Formetco worked side-by-side with us from day one to bring this to life. Without a hitch, the billboard was on-site, installed, and operational in under a day. We could not be happier with the partnership we’ve forged.”

The new billboard is capable of displaying static content, social-media updates and important alerts, as well as full-screen video. This dynamic capability could only be made available through the versatility of LED technology.

MillerCoors also took an interest in this opportunity by directing artists to use their creative talents to showcase the company’s products in their own personal manner.

The Artscape festival is produced annually by Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts (BOPA) on behalf of the Baltimore Festival of the Arts. Both non-profit organizations serve Baltimore City’s art council, film office and special-events agency.

Artscape, America’s largest free arts festival, attracts 350,000+ attendees during a three day period, with a total $26 million economic impact on the city.