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Italian Transit Network Converts to BroadSign

ROME – Grandi Stazioni S.p.A., Italy’s largest manager of train stations, is converting its digital-signage network to BroadSign International LLC’s cloud-based software platform.

The Grandi Stazioni network reaches 700 million people annually, with over half the traffic generated from stations in Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples. All advertising campaigns are monitored by Nielsen, and accounted for 15% of transit and 44% of DOOH advertising in Italy in 2012.

“We selected BroadSign’s digital signage software to power our rail station network after a six-month evaluation of the market leader,” said Fabio Battaggia, CEO of Grandi Stazioni...

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Lamar Gets 5-Year Tucson Transit Deal

TUCSON, Ariz. — Lamar Advertising Co. will begin a new five-year transit-advertising contract with Tucson’s Sun Tran.

Under the new contract, Lamar will sell exterior and interior ad displays on Sun Tran’s fleet, bolstering its out-of-home advertising offerings in Arizona.

“It is great to be in Tucson,” said Neal Gatherum, transit general manager of Lamar Advertising. “This is an excellent market for both local and national advertisers. We are pleased to offer our customers prime ad space on Sun Tran’s fleet in this thriving city.”

The transit fleet includes 253 buses, which serve approximately 20 million passenger trips each year. The buses operate seven days a week, servicing three transit centers along 40 routes and mor than 2,200 stops.

“Sun Tran buses circulate in the busiest areas o...

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PATTISON Makes Ottawa Station Domination for Rogers

OTTAWA — PATTISON Outdoor Advertising delivers the first two public-transit station dominations here for Rogers Digital TV NextBox 3.0

The promotion, offered as part of a new 10-year agreement with OC Transpo, includes the Transitway rapid-transit service’s Hurdman and Lincoln Field stations.

Station domination allows a single advertiser to have an exclusive advertising opportunity for a fixed period of time. The Rogers TV domination will run for four weeks.

Each station consists of extensive use of vinyl displays on glass components, with the Lincoln Fields station also consisting of stair risers.

“PATTISON Outdoor Advertising is proud to introduce the first two station dominations as part of the company’s renewed partnership with OC Transpo,” says Frank Wilson, Sales Manager, Ottawa & E...

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PATTISON Outdoor Offers First Super Train Full Wrap

TORONTO — PATTISON Outdoor Advertising and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) today unveiled the first fully wrapped super train.

Bahamas Tourism, with media planning provided by VMC Media, is the first advertiser to wrap the six-car fixed configuration Toronto Rocket subway train, with creative graphics spread across a total length of 435 feet. The Toronto Rocket is the newest model of subway trains on the TTC system, and this wrapped train will run exclusively on the Yonge-University-Spadina line.

The campaign creative continues on the inside and includes a combination of super interior posters, standard interior posters (horizontal signage positioned above passenger seats), and vertical door cards (vertical signage positioned on either side of the subway doors).

“As the exclusive ...

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H&M Message Saturates Montreal Transit Stop

TORONTO — Pattison Outdoor Advertising and Cogeco Metromedia launches a full-station domination campaign for fashion retailer H&M at the Jean-Drapeau station in Montreal to support the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

Photo by 333 Photo / courtesy Pattison Outdoor“Being the official fashion sponsor at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival, and recognizing that almost all attendees of the festival pass through Jean-Drapeau station, we thought it was a no-brainer to dominate the station,” said Stacey Najman of H&M. “This impactful domination extends our H&M LOVES MUSIC campaign and also solidifies our position as the destination for festival fashion.”

The campaign includes a full domination including station posters, wall murals, king posters and window decals at the Montreal Metro/bus station...

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