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Outfront Media New Moniker for CBS Outdoor

NEW YORK — CBS Outdoor Americas today began a month-long transformation to its new identity: Outfront Media.

The new name will break the last ties of its former status as a division of CBS Corp., and include rebranding more than 100,000 displays in North America.

Outfront Media“Outfront captures exactly who we are as a completely reenergized company and where we’ll be with innovative technology and creativity for our advertising clients,” said Jeremy Male, company CEO. “Our bold new identity – deployed nationwide from Times Square to the Sunset Strip – also represents the unmatched audience that our prime assets will deliver as we elevate our business and industry to new heights.”

The Outfront name, according the to the company, symbolizes the Company’s unique portfolio of billboards and displays...

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Astral Making 40 Toronto Transit Stops Digital

TORONTO – Astral Out-of-Home will deploy 40 digital transit shelters here – a first for downtown Toronto – by December.

Astral Out-of-HomeWith 84” LCD screens, the shelters will be the first Canadian digital networking offering 4K HD for advertising campaigns.

“Astral Out-of-Home thrives on innovation and its commitment to be a Canadian leader in digital advertising,” said Luc Quétel, Astral Out-of-Home president. “The installation of digital faces in transit shelters will give an even more dynamic and modern focus for transit shelters in Toronto.”

Designed by Kramer Design Associates, the new shelters offer digital faces with on-demand programming and remote management from Astral Out-of-Home’s state-of-the-art broadcast control center.

Plans to expand the network will continue throughout ...

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Titan Transit Included in Nielsen Place-Based

NEW YORK — Titan Transit Network is now part of Nielsen’s quarterly Place-Based Video Report, including the second-quarter 2014 edition distributed this month.

Titan Transit“We are excited that Nielsen will be measuring a new venue type as part of its digital place-based ecosystem,” said Titan President/CEO Don Allman. “We hope to prove and inspire our advertisers that transit digital screens can extend and enhance any video-neutral communication plan.

“Titan’s transit platform screens bring audiences closer to point of purchase and deliver young and captive audiences effectively and at scale.”

As indicated in the new Nielsen report, transit stations deliver captive audiences at scale with long dwell time...

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Titan, Seattle’s Sound Transit Join Forces Again

SEATTLE – Titan will expand its reach with Seattle public transit OOH by joining with an old partner, beginning next week.

The company won a competitive 10-year contract earlier this month for the exclusive rights to transit advertising on behalf of Sound Transit, the regional commuter rail/express-bus agency for the Seattle metro area. Titan previously represented Sound Transit from 2006 to 2009.

Titan contract with Sound Transit includes regional light-rail service. (Photo courtesy Titan)Effective Oct. 1, Titan will have exclusive rights to install interior and exterior advertising on the Sound Transit system in various formats, including king- and queen-size posters, full wrap media, interior car cards and specialty graphics.

Sound Transit is the regional transit system of Central Puget Sound within the urban parts of King, Pierce and Snohomish counties, accounting for 52 citi...

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Astral Gets OOH Dominance at Montréal Station

MONTRÉAL – Astral Out-Of-Home signed an exclusive agreement Sept. 4 with the Agence métropolitaine de transport (AMT) and Canadian Pacific (CP) for out-of-home advertising dominance at the Lucien-L’Allier station in downtown Montréal.

Lucien-L'Allier Station, Montréal (Photo courtesy Astral Out-of-Home)Prospective advertising clients now have the ability to access a giant (12′ x 12′) hanging banner, four column dressings, an adhesive mural at the ticket counter, an exterior mural and 150 train signs at Lucien-L’Allier. Clients will also have the opportunity to access other custom media tools, such as mobile solutions or promotional sample distribution.

“The dominance package we developed exclusively for the Lucien-L’Allier station showcases our know-how with regard to out-of-home solutions and the integration of our products in users’ daily environment,”...

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