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Philport Retiring as TAB Chief at Year’s End

NEW YORK – Joe Philport, chief of the OOH-measurement Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) for the past 12 years, will retire at the end of 2014.

Joe PhilportThe traffic ratings group also announced today that it will review the changing needs of the OOH industry in a variety of areas, including metrics and TAB leadership.

Nancy Fletcher, president/CEO of the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, will also be interim TAB CEO after Philport’s retirement.

Philport, who joined TAB as CEO in 2002, led TAB as it developed its Out of Home Ratings system, which offers accountability and more accurate measurement of audiences actually viewing OOH advertising.

In 2009, in recognition of this advancement, the Advertising Research Foundation awarded Philport its Great Mind Award for Innovation...

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Lamar Up 4.3% in 3Q ’14; REIT Vote Now Set

BATON ROUGE, La. – Lamar Advertising Company reported a 4.3% revenue gain in this year’s third quarter, as the OOH firm heads to a stockholder’s meeting next Monday to confirm its conversion into a real estate investment trust (REIT).

LamarLamar reported net revenues of $335 million for third quarter 2014, up from $321.1 million for 3Q 2013. Operating income for this year’s third quarter was $86 million — compared to $67.2 million for the same period last year – and 3Q 2014’s net income of $35 doubles the $17.1 million at the same time last year.

“I’m encouraged by our third-quarter results, as well as the momentum that we carry into the fourth quarter,” said Lamar CEO Sean Reilly...

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Daktronics Lights Up Storm with Piccadilly Display

BROOKINGS, S.D. – Display manufacturer Daktronics will light up an iconic part of out-of-home with a brand-new display for Storm, Clear Channel UK’s super-premium brand, at the Coventry House site in London’s Piccadilly Circus.

Daktronics display in London's Piccadilly CircusThe new display was chosen by the leading electronics company LG, a long-term site tenant.

This new 48 m² (516 1/2 ft²) advertising panel has a one-of-a-kind curvature that matches the aesthetics of Coventry House’s rooftop. The screen features Brookings-based Daktronics’ 13HD product, a premier through-hole LED technology with adjustable brightness that effectively displays digital advertising even in bright sunlight.

The display delivers contextual advertising that can be triggered by different factors, including weather and time of day...

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Outfront Media New Moniker for CBS Outdoor

NEW YORK — CBS Outdoor Americas today began a month-long transformation to its new identity: Outfront Media.

The new name will break the last ties of its former status as a division of CBS Corp., and include rebranding more than 100,000 displays in North America.

Outfront Media“Outfront captures exactly who we are as a completely reenergized company and where we’ll be with innovative technology and creativity for our advertising clients,” said Jeremy Male, company CEO. “Our bold new identity – deployed nationwide from Times Square to the Sunset Strip – also represents the unmatched audience that our prime assets will deliver as we elevate our business and industry to new heights.”

The Outfront name, according the to the company, symbolizes the Company’s unique portfolio of billboards and displays...

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Place-Based Media Gains Media at Online Expense

NEW YORK – A new survey of agency media planners conducted by the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA) reveals a continuing shift of digital and online budgets into digital place-based (DPB) media.

Digital Place-Based Advertising AssociationNearly 46% of planners said they will fund their DPB media plans through digital and online budgets, an increase of 10.6% from last year and 14.5% more than 2012.

Planners picked outdoor (57.5%) as the top budget for funding. National/local television budgets were selected by 32.7%, with 24.9% coming from experimental/test funds. Mobile budgets rounded out the top five at 22.4%.

DPB media offered some support in today’s environment, according to the survey, with indications that digital/online spending can be a bit dicey...

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