Times Square Megaboard Goes Live

NEW YORK – It’s big, it’s bright, and it’s – where else – Times Square.

New York Marriott Times Square megadisplayEven the New York Times agrees that the 25,000+ ft² Diamond Vision® display adorning the façade of the New York Marriott Marquis on Broadway, between 45th-46th Streets beats all comers as far as big electronic displays in the vaunted ad space.

And the NYT – along with others media outlets –note the board’s first paying client for sales agency Clear Channel Spectracolor during this year’s holiday season will be a big one: Google.

The new display came as part of a redevelopment of the Marriott site by Vornado Realty Trust. The city-block-long billboard, with display technology from Mitsubishi Electric, comes with an impressive set of superlatives:

  • A digital canvas of 77.69’ X 329.65’ for a total of 25,610.5 ft² (or, for the non-heathen metric world, 7.21 m X 30.62 m for 2,379.21 m²);
  • Pixel density of 2,368 X 10,048; and
  • Ultra-high-contrast Real Black™ LED Technology for improved vertical viewing angles.

“Times Square now has North America’s biggest and most awe-inspiring digital screen, enabling Clear Channel’s marketing partners to stand out in an incredibly significant way in one of the world’s busiest shopping and tourist meccas,” said Harry Coghlan, president and general manager, Clear Channel Outdoor New York. “This innovative and thoroughly distinctive display establishes a new iconic landmark in Times Square while creating a powerful, value proposition for our advertisers.

“We experienced tremendous pre-sale interest, and the display is sold out to one advertiser through January 2015. We have great confidence that this spectacular billboard will be the most sought after display in the world for years to come.”

Various media sources chimed in with the exclusive advertiser’s name: Google. Many of those same sources noted that the going rate for the board would be $2.5 million for four weeks, but nobody’s confirming what Google will pay.

Google begins advertising Nov. 25. Until then, the display will feature a presentation from Sheffield, U.K.-based design studio Universal Everything.

The new display will deliver more than two million impressions with adults age 18+ passing the location weekly, according to Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) data quoted by Clear Channel Spectracolor. The board is visible from virtually every vantage point in the Square’s “bowtie” region along Seventh Avenue and Broadway between 42nd and 47th Streets.

The New York Marriott display will become the largest single digital advertising location in the world, eclipsing Yesco Electronics’ 18,630 ft² (1,706 m²) Harmon Corner on The Strip in Las Vegas and QSTECH’s 16,188 ft² (1,504 m²) LED mesh unit on the Third Ring Road in Moscow. It also beats the 15,000+ ft² of the American Eagle signage, previously the Times Square king.

While no competitors for the title are on the horizon, the New York Marriott display is going to have plenty of new company soon. A Wall Street Journal report notes that up to 27,000 ft² of additional LED signage is set to go up on several separate locations within a radius of a few city blocks in midtown Manhattan.